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“IMy Special Dentist In Thailand

More than 11 years ago, the management company of my bungalow-hotel in Thailand recommended my current dentist to me. His name is “Toto.” The name of his clinic is “Ocean Dental Center on Jomtien 2nd Road” ( and Central Dental Clinic on Central Pattaya Road)

Over the years, as a Swiss customer with very high standards, I have come to recognize he is a very competent dentist. Toto and his charming team work quietly, competently, and responsibly. There are not unnecessary procedures, or painful experiences. The prices are very reasonable. The clinic is very modern, bright, and clean.

One thing you experience at the clinic is the same background music from the CD, Ha ha. I have just mailed a second music CD to the clinic in Pattaya. Soon a bigger variety of music (smile).

During the past 11 years, I have had the opportunity to visit the clinic about twice a year to check my teeth. And of course, some dental treatments have been necessary during these visits. For example, this year I received my third crown, a gold crown this time with no complications. As is customary, the dental work of “Toto” was promptly completed in a few days. I have never had a complaint about my dental work at the clinic.

I am pleased to have found, not only, a good dentist, but also a very good friend in “Toto” and his wife, “Maew,” and their two boys. My wish is to have the opportunity to show Toto and his family parts of my lovely country, Switzerland. Perhaps, not too far in the future this will be possible.

Hans Rudolf Widmer


My name is Suradej Chongsiriwatt.

I am 66 and have been living in Pattaya for almost 20 years during which time I have been privileged to have come into contact with Dr. Toto, who has been taking care of my teeth well for almost 20 years also.

I don’t think a couple/three paragraphs in this short review here would do justice to my attempt in delineating Dr. Toto’s thoroughly distinguished professionalism and relentless dedication to and pursuit of excellence in terms of not only more advanced dental technology, but also his gentle and genteel professional relationship with all of his seemingly innumerable patients of all genders, ages sizes and shapes! His personal integrity is unquestioned and his professional practice, undeniably savvy.


Hi again, just wanted to give you an update
Since coming to see you life could not be better. My teeth are still perfect, no pain, all there, best thing I ever did
Thanks again for your assistance, advise and hard work to rebuild my teeth
Hope to see you all again next time I come over with my family

Very best regard
Keith Scholte

August 18, 2014



A High-quality Dental Clinic in Jomtien, Pattaya. Provides treatments of all kinds including Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Implantology, etc. Committed to Customer Satisfaction.

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One Response

  1. It has been almost 2 years since I had my crowns done (full mouth). My self-confidence got a real boost and I still get compliments about my teeth on a weekly basis.
    When I got my check-up by a dentist in my homecountry Belgium, he told me that my crowns were perfectly made and placed, he even said he saw different people who had their crowns done in other country’s, but they were never so perfect like mine.
    So I am extremely happy!
    The staff and Dr. Toto’s wife are so friendly, always smiling and making time for a quick chat with a cup of coffee.
    I can’t wait to go back to Thailand and ofcourse I will be passing by to say hi!!
    I also didn’t feel any pain while having rootcanals done or shaping my teeth, while in Belgium, I used to have pain everytime I went to the dentist.
    I’m very very pleased with everything about Ocean Dental Center and still following on Facebook!
    Khob khun maaaaaaak khrap..

    Best regards,


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